April 2015 Recap

Lots of big news in April.

First off, I thought it was important you know I am no longer partners with Michael Somerville. I am not involved in any of our co-projects that we built together, including GoFunnels and MyLeadConsultant.

I’m not going to get into the details publicly, but a large part of April was consumed by dealing with ending the partnership behind the scenes.

As you may have noted, none of my previous monthly-end recaps have mentioned our partnership. There have been things that I have been uncomfortable with for a long time and I thought it was important to clarify that we are no longer working together in any capacity.

So now that you know, enough about that…

Let’s talk about the last month, and me.


I am still very much missing my mother. She was the kind of person that everybody loved.


At her funeral, not only her friends and her family came out but a huge community; people she knew like her bodyworkers (massage, reiki, yoga, rife, doctors, etc) came out to her funeral. Even her dogs veterinarians office called to ask about where they could make a donation in her name, “She was such a lovely lady…” they said when we told them about her passing. She had a strong influence on people.

The reason I want to bring this up, because I’ve been thinking about it…

My Mom was stable. When she came over, she was never in a bad mood. There was never any nastiness. Even if she was upset, she never put that on anyone else. She was consistent, and you knew she would always do her best by you. I’m starting to see how rare that really is.

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And the word that keeps popping into my head is “character.”

Life is just too short to muck about in things that bring you down or that you feel incongruent with. You’ll notice that I hardly ever promote affiliate promotions. I just won’t promote stuff that is questionable. And I won’t promote stuff that is half-done.

Marie and I have had a lot of conversations about life recently. Losing your mother makes you wake up, and realize what’s important. It makes you think about your own contributions to life and whether you are doing your best. There are certainly some big changes coming and we can’t wait until everything unfolds… (But you’ll find out later, dear reader!)



We’ve also spent more time with our homeschooling group. Jack is really flourishing with the homeschool kids, and it’s good to see. Homeschooling is progressing well. Jack almost won a squigys towering building contest, but got beat out by a 12-year old in the last hour of the day-long competition. He wanted to win so bad. But he didn’t give up. He kept on trying to win. Persistent little guy. I was soooo proud of him!

He’s also been having a blast biking and scootering around the neighbourhood which is so good to see. These are the things that life is really about.


On the promotional side, the only thing I have been promoting is Options Domination. And I’ve been doing a bit of options trading on the side. The Options Domination launch has had a few glitches but that being said, the signals are working extremely well, and with very little time, I have made some very profitable trades.

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What I really like about Options is that it is something that works for people who WILL NOT get on the phone and recruit.

If you’re looking for something like that, you can check out my video here.


In the last couple of months, we have helped even more people create capture pages and fully functioning marketing systems. These people are now generating leads for the first time ever!

Here’s what our client Teresa had to say about using her new funnel:

“Hi Andrew, I am using Facebook for my funnel and yes my list is starting to grow!”

Here’s what Marc from Canada had to say about his new custom designed blog:

“Your team nailed it on the blog! Love it.”

And our client Dan from the UK was really impressed about the vision we had for him after our first one-on-one marketing consultation:

“I really like what you’ve shown me. I was looking to change the brand concept myself. We are pulling in the same direction.”

The bottom line is, I’ve been working with LESS people, and trying to give MORE value. And our customers are having success.

When I'm on the phone and engage with real people – when I talk to them – you can see that people are real. That they are looking for help. And that’s my mission: Helping the little guy go full-time.

Our sales team has closed many new and exciting custom funnel projects in March and April. We are full steam ahead already for the month of May. And our team has been busy creating profit centers for these customers.

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I’m not into churn and burn. I’m into building real, sustainable projects that can create a major impact. I want to be the catalyst that transforms someone from struggling to successful.

I am very excited for what the future is going to bring. Marie and I have a new direction, new announcements, renewed energy and a strong purpose!

Look out world!

Stay tuned…

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  1. E Karen Vaters

    Hey Andrew…. REALLY enjoyed this update! Read lots of good stuff ‘between the lines’! Definitely moving in the right direction – and I’m following..

  2. Not even sure how I got BACK on your radar. When you hooked up with Michael, I did my best to delete you. Now that you have removed the Bad Marketer in your life, I might give you another chance. You are welcome to delete the comment, it’s my opinion.

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