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Visalus is a network marketing company with a tremendous amount of momentum.  I'll explain why that's important and what I think will be the growing challenges with Visalus in the future.

Be sure to read this entire review on Vislaus, and watch the 21 minute video that is the last video in this post!

visalus logoThe name ViSalus comes from the Latin word “Vi,” which means life, and “Salus,” which means both prosperity and health. Visalus is in the market of weight management, nutrition, and performance products.

ViSalus is a high trending mlm company.  And that is the hallmark of a growing company.  It's the intangible factor so many companies miss – and distributors seem to under-rate.

This Visalus review will explain a network marketing insiders look at the company

But more on that in a minute…

First, let's be clear.  When I first wrote this review, I was NOT a distributor for ViSalus.  I started my career in Melaleuca, and vowed NEVER AGAIN to join a health and wellness company.  But based on my own research (and I am familiar with most MLM companies) I decided to join.  And that's not a decision I take lightly.  I know the tricks of the MLM industry, and I know how to look “under the hood” of any MLM company and see if it's really legit.  Because when you decide to join a company like Vislaus, it's not a short term opportunity.  So I make sure to fully vet every company I join.

I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars online marketing my own products and expensive business opportunities.  I'd encourage you to watch the “About Me” video on the top of the sidebar so you can understand my perspective better.

When companies truly create value in the marketplace is when they start to really shine. In this ViSalus review I'm going to show you what's really driving the growth over at ViSalus headquarters in Michigan.

The Visalus Momentum

Everybody knows, the key is getting in front of s trend and profiting. The same principle applies to investing in gold an silver right now. It's really quite simple. But sometimes the most obvious things are revealing.

OK, it's important to understand who you are getting your information from.  Get to know Marie and I better by watching this short video now before going any further:

But seriously, the #1 thing most people underestimate when joining an MLM company is the growth curve of the company.  Momentum.

Using my keyword tool of choice, Market Samurai, I saw there is an astounding 45,000 searches per month for the term ViSalus.  That's huge for a young company.

And it's only going to get bigger.

The reason is simple: VALUE.

ViSalus created their product based on a previous product at Herbalife that rocked, but that the scientist there didn't want to roll out.   It was actually an ingenious product.  And when he died, it created an opportunity. And in that opportunity, it created a new dynamic product for ViSalus.

Are you a Network Marketing Leader? Contact me personally to see what kind of positioning I can offer you!

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But ViSalus cuts an interesting path:

A product that you can take that can Lose weight without exercise!
And one that will cut your overall grocery bill at the same time.

And yet, because of the economies of scale, it can deliver this product at price that beats anything else.

So it creates a win-win spiral, which has a high chance of going viral.

Visalus Team Member:

(Just a quick video from on of our new team members on our Visalus Sciences team!)

And that exactly what ViSalus is doing right now.

But, ViSalus is trending on the social media platforms, also.
There is a growing trend to present your best self of Facebook. This is really nothing new, but with facebook its different because it's so public.

And I've noticed a trend in which Facebook is actually promoting s return towards a more healthy balanced life.
Here's a case in point:

Nobody posts a picture of a McDonalds meal they bought, but if they go out to a nice restaurant, or make a nice, healthy meal at home, that often gets photographed, and uploaded to their Facebook profile.

And this all ties into the momentum ViSalus is building right now.

What first caught my eye was the amazing RESULTS people I know had been having with the product.  It got to the point that I just couldn't ignore it.

And how often do you see a company growing because of the product?  In most cases, business opportunities are lead with hype and money claims.  But being behind a product that spreads virally is incredible.

Visalus Review: The Products

The Visalus products actually work.  Some of the results that people are experiencing are incredible.  They have 4 product packs.

  • Balance kit
  • Shape kit
  • Core Kit
  • Transformation kit

Visalus Product Suite Visalus offers nutrition and performance products. The nutrition packs have a super-charged combination of 26 anti-oxidants and a patented anti-aging and energy complex. Its vitamins have much more to offer than the every day multi-vitamin, and they are chelated for maximum absorption (which is the real difference between vitamins).  The Omega Vitals work to promote the health of the heart and vascular system. Check out the Wellness Tools on the official Vislaus Web site, which explains the science behind these products.

All their performance products are aimed at boosting energy and the metabolism. The ViSalus Neuro Lemon Lift energizes and fights daytime drowsiness. Neuro also comes in a raspberry flavor.

And Vislaus has a 6:1 customer to distributor ratio.  That means that the income you build up is solid, because it's based on REAL customer volume.  That's important!  But even customers are getting product for free.  If any customer or distributor has 3 active customers, they get their products for FREE.  Yup.  Visalus won't even charge your card.

And keep in mind, these products replace 1 or 2 meals a day.  So your grocery budget will finally start going the other way 😉

I mean, how hard is it to get 3 customers?  That's the real simple reason Visalus is growing so quickly.  It's easy to talk about.  “Hey, I just started a 90-Day Challenge.  I want you to do it with me.  Watch this video.”

But the results are dramatic.

Visalus Compensation Plan

The Visalus compensation plan is tweaked to really give money and awards to people brand new in the company – which is incredibly motivating.  Visalus has found a way to really energize the compensation plan in a couple important ways that is one of the driving forces behind the massive growth of Visalus Sciences.

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Their car bonus is pushed towards the FRONT of the compensation plan and it's one of the reasons why so many people are qualifying for black BMW's.  You get $300 when you hit Regional Director automatically added to your check.  Once you actually buy or lease a new or used Black BMW, and you show them the registration papers, they give you $600 added to your check.  Forever!  This applies even if you already own a black BWM.  I hit Regional Director in 27 days.  Then we put my wife, Marie Torres into Visalus and she hit Regional Director in 4 days!

Regional Director is only $12,500 in volume.  Which literally ANYONE with a little hustle could do in less than 30 days.  But it's not necessarily just your volume.  It includes rollover volume from the previous month, plus volume from people placed under you.  And it's this synergy that is really popping BMWs in our Visalus group like crazy.

The car bonus is so effective because it gets people into luxury cars, and then that creates a HUGE story which helps spread the message.  Talk Fusion has recently copied the Visalus car bonus using a “silver Mercedes Benz” but it's exactly the same.  When other established companies start copying you, you know you're leading the field.

Visalus Sciences dropped the industry standard of devaluing BV (volume) to dollars and made it a simple, easy 1-to-1 match.  If you look at most MLM companies, they use numbers that are hard to quantify – and try to seem better than they are.  A typical MLM company would make distributors spend $150 a month  for 60 BV – that's an old industry trick where companies basically force an uneven dollar-for-dollar exchange.

And this element of the compensation plan really got my attention.  All the autoship numbers are nice even numbers rounded to the nearest $100 or $50, and the BV is exactly the same.  So you know that the Visalus corporate guys, Blake Mallen, Ryan Blair (this dude has an INCREDIBLE story), and Nick Sarnicola are just being straight with you.

The Visalus Holding Tank

But the killer feature of the Visalus Compensation plan is the holding tank, which allows you 60 days to move people under other people – this allows to really help people who need it – and to strategically build under your leaders and help them reach their bonuses – like the car bonus.

By the way, all the volume bonuses are not based on your own volume alone.  Your team volume creates your car bonus and some of the other ones also.

This holding tank creates REAL spillover – not POTENTIAL spillover like a binary.  In the binary, even if you are in a strong leg, you won't earn anything unless you recruit on your weak leg.  I joined Talk Fusion for their product, and I have 137 people on one side and 24515 in volume, but I've only made about $98 because I haven't recruited.  (I bought Talk Fusion for their webinar software platform not for their business.)

If I had that same volume under me in Visalus, I would be making a pretty nice residual income.  Basically the holding tank helps the little guy.

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The Visalus comp plan is turning heads.  If you haven't seen the whole thing, watch the Visalus compensation plan now:

Visalus Compensation Plan Video

Our Visalus Team

Your team is always important.  We are part of the Visalus All-Stars, which has 2 very active Facebook groups.  1 for distributors, and 1 for customers.  Upline support is always available, and you have access to the #1 closer in the industry, Cedrick Harris who is my personal sponsor.

We offer incredible team support.  Listen to Marie explain how we help our team:

We go above and beyond for our team, plus you get one-on-one access with both Marie and myself.

Visalus: Why Now & Why Our Team:

If you want to see WHY Visalus is growing so quickly, and WHY you should join our team right now, watch this training video I recorded a couple of days ago.

Get in touch with us.

Visalus Problems

Visalus will get copied by other companies.  That's inevitable.  But the real challenge will be continuing to innovate.  Visalus obviously has a history of breaking out of the mold and getting results – like the Regional car bonus at the beginning of the compensation plan.

And there is the possibility of growing too fast.  But I know they are owned by Blythe, which is one of the major business think-tanks in the world of entrepreneurs, so I'm not worried about that.  The biggest fear I would have if I were reading this would be getting started too slowly.

Visalus Final Thoughts

Visalus is in momentum.  And the month-to-month growth they are experiencing is epic.  They are poised to be the the next billion dollar MLM company within the next 14 months.  That's a huge figure.

Personally, I think Vislaus is going to become one of the big dinosaur MLM companies in the industry.  Their innovation, ability to get their sales force excited and active, and the incredible results from the product are unparallelled.

Check out Visalus.

Do your research.  If you want to join under me, use this link.

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Fill out the application form at the link above if you have questions about getting started in Visalus, benefits to joining our team, or anything else about my Visalus review – and we'll give you a call.

Update: We have left Visalus and are no longer promoting Visalus.

29 thoughts on “Visalus Review”

  1. As I stated in the review, when I wrote it, I was not a Visalus rep. However, since then I have become a Visalus rep, and BOTH Marie Torres and I (that’s my super-cool wife) hit Regional Director in less than 1 month. Visalus is a company with HUGE momentum. Most people underestimate the importance of company momentum in creating a strong residual income. Right now, Visalus is 1st in class in that regard.

  2. Love the article, my wife and I have become recent promoters in Newfoundland, and your review of Visalus couldn`t have been more accurate , and as a new promoter, educational as well.

    1. Thanks Gary. Visalus has really impressed me also. Be sure to sign up for our free 60-Day Marketing training course available just under the header on this blog.

  3. Hello Andrew,
    I’m excited but not sure why. An feeling of butterflies in my stomach as I ponder this company that I just heard about 2 days ago while at a vendor event representing another MLM. I just want so badly to help others and change my kids’ financial legacy and I’m willing to do what it takes. Thank you for your time and energy in preparing this review.
    Many blessings!

    1. Hi Tami,

      That’s exactly what I felt when I first saw the overview video. Fill out our application so we can get your contact info and have a chat about the growth that’s going on insider our group, and how Marie and I can best help you.

  4. My husband and I are very interested in your product for losing weight and feeling healthier. But, because we have some health issues we wondered if you could answer some questions for us. Would your product negetively impact a
    person(s) if they have the following problems:
    3 way bypass 4 years ago
    type 2 diabetes
    enlarged prostate codition
    sleep apnea
    basal cell carcinoma

    temporal giant cell arteritis taking prednisone 3mg per day
    high cholestoral

    1. Hi Joan,

      I have a minor degree in Natural Health, but am not a doctor. I don’t know what basal cell carcinoma is, but the rest it would help. Most of those are related to obesity, which is really the #1 killer. From sleep apnea to arthritis to diabetes, these conditions will all be improved by losing weight. We have a private team-only facebook group just for product users, which adds a critical element missing from so many weight loss solutions: community.

      I would recommend that you both start on the Transformation Kit. You can join Visalus as a customer here (or contact me if you’d like to speak with me in person and I can help you sign up.

  5. It’s good to know that this company has a long standing. Unfortunately, the industry is fraught with fly by night companies that are looking to make big money fast – even if it means fraud. People tend to know one another within the MLM circles. So I was wondering if the author or anyone else, for that matter, has ever heard of a guy named Dave Tarr and his former company, Success Concepts POS – an MLM company which specified in providing ACH transactions online. I used to work for that company, not as a seller, but as a web designer, until the Federal Trade Commission shut them down. I think he was sentenced to serve a stint In one of those country club prisons for non violent offenders.

  6. That first testimonial video made me laugh; That crazy, gregarious attitude is indicative of many high energy MLM reps. He will most likely do well in sales. That is why joining an MLM is exciting, especially when you attend the conventions and meet all the charismatic, positive, motivated people who are all too willing to uplift you and generate even more excitement about the possibilities. I have attended these networking conventions and it gets you anxious to get home and start promoting. This should be projected more in video testimonials.

  7. Gary! Where in NFLD do you live? I am from Toronto and visit St Johns on Business all the time. I’d love to trade stories with you – please contact me over Facebook. Ilya Brotzky. Cheers

  8. Great Info! Andrew, I have been truly blessed by the growth of my team in such a short time. I hit RD in 45 days. I have a well known ambassador as my direct upline. My question is this, what recommendations do you have for those outside your group that recognize the importance offline and online marketing of their Visalus business. I have a basic understanding of marketing online (SEO, Social Media- Ive read “Crush It” a million times) but I am far from being proficient in it. I realize fully the opportunities of an online recruiting strategy mixed w/ our offline traditional marketing.
    Thanks! I wish you and Marie continued success!
    Mel Mendoza

    1. Hi Mel,

      Awesome job! You are certainly crushing it to hit RD in 45 days.

      The core of your online presence is a blog. It helps BRAND you as a leader, it provides those multiple contacts that build know, like and trust, and it can get you free targeted traffic.
      For those 3 things, a blog is essential.

      We actually have a program where we create free blogs specifically for network marketers. You can access that at We also have an affiliate program so you can help your team get blogs – if they are looking to supplement their offline marketing with some online stuff.

      Second, we do some coaching, but I would recommend going through our 60 Day Marketing Course. It’s free right now as it’s still in beta mode.

      I appreciate your comment and let me know if I can help you with any online stuff.

  9. Great article Andy! ViSalus offers the best health challenge, along with some amazing products and is an awesome opportunity for people with drive…
    Something we have in common is having been in Melaleuca. I was in Melaleuca for about 6 months in around 2000-2001. I honestly still have about 10 different bottles of the Melaleuca products just laying around.
    I was in a group called Power Systems…Recently tried reconnecting with these people to see if they were open to a great opportunity.

  10. Interesting read on your article but I have to laugh at the regional director/BMW payment. It’s all so gimmicky with the “buy/lease a car, put the down payment, pay for insurance, etc” and BBV “pays” for your car. Ok, whatever is gimmicky.

    I’ve had friends lose weight on BBV… but others also lost weight on Herbalife, Shakley, protein shakes, etc. Second gimmicky thing about BBV is my friends use all kinds of sweeteners on their shakes, e.g. fat free pudding, Torani fat-free syrup, marshmallow fluff, red dye, etc. What kind of smoothie is that? And, the last gimmicky thing is how they say they lost weight during the 90-day challenge. What they fail to mention is they lost weight on the 90-day plan 3 times over. That’s why I hate BBV… I’m tired of reading the lies on my Facebook wall.

    1. JD, I think you are misinformed.

      What is gimmicky about the car bonus? I have one in my driveway.

      I personally don’t like to add stuff like that to my shakes. I take them as they are or add fruit and/or spinach mostly.

      Brother, you are outnumbered on the Facebook deal. People lose weight. A lot. I don’t think there is another product with as much real social proof as Visalus. And people who have never lost weight before. I know customers I’ve personally introduced. Instead of being a hater, why don’t you find something you love and go after it?

  11. By referring to Melaleuca as an MLM company immediately tells me that you were severely misguided. If anything, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you were not shown the company in a proper manner. ViSalus is a newer MLM company, not even a member of the DSA. I know ambassadors in your company. (This is a higher rank..) They all cam from other MLM deals… Listen, MLM does not deliver what it promises in the long run. There is absolutely know way around that concrete fact. I have friends that made millions and lost it all. I study compensation plans to point where the fall is… I’ve looked at Vi as well. It is merely another MLM plan, 5% commissions, 3 for free, etc… It’s all MLM tactics. Get back into your first gig, you’d be much better off!

    1. Melaleuca is an MLM company. Just because in their presentations they refer to themselves as a “direct selling” company makes no difference.

      Melaleuca is a 5×7 matrix.

      That’s an MLM.

      Visalus is also an MLM – so I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but I like to avoid jargon.

      What’s the problem with the way the products are marketed? If you look at the rapid growth, you’ll notice one thing – that Visalus has a killer marketing machine.

      Just this last year, Melaleuca crossed a billion dollars in revenue. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s a 20-something year old company.

      Visalus did not quite hit a billion, but got pretty close. And most of that growth came after the “Body By Vi” Challenge started less than 3 years ago.

      I am an ambassador, by the way. But I’d love to know what specifically irks you about marketing and why you think Melaleuca is NOT an MLM?

  12. First and foremost, thank you for approving the comment. Most people would just filter out anything they don’t agree with. Kudos to you! Second, you were not shown the company properly if you believe that you only get paid on a 5×7 matrix. Again, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt. However, realize also that ViSalus is simply a subsidiary of Blythe, inc. A publicly traded corporation that also owns irrelevant mlm deals and sterno candles. Whereas, Melaleuca has grown consistently, doubled in size during the recession, and does not allow for any media or hype at all. No BMW clubs, no 3 for free deals, etc. They simply let the products speak for themselves and treat every customer like royalty. It’s product oriented, not money oriented.

    In the MLM world you’ll find a lot of the ugly. You may have large inventory purchases required for a bigger bonus, status buy ups, etc. Melaleuca does not have a volume line to check your ‘volume’ for your status. There are commission caps on customers so that people can’t buy up a status. The numbers on the business reports are real: real orders, real volume, real customers, real reordering. There’s no reward for buying more products personally. In Melaleuca everything is fully refundable, even the only startup cost of $29. They release actual income statistics with highs, lows, averages and timeframes for each level. They disclose their documented company retention rates openly. I can go on. The bottom line is that Melaleuca is a business that will be here years and years from now. They are a private competitor of Johnson & Johnson, Colgate/Palmolive, BJ’s and Costoco. MLM companies don’t come close to what Melaleuca’s gunning for. To them, MLM companies; with everyone running around distributing & recruiting, pushing products that don’t compete in a real market place, etc. are all topics of which are a fly on the windshield.

    My success check list, please write this down and reread for your own benefit:
    1. Company Track Record.
    2. Financially Sound.
    3. Strong Management. Managers. Not MLMers that own the down line.
    4. Unique consumable products by all.
    5. Competitively priced products that people are already buying, already needing. We cant create new expenses for people.
    6. High reorder rate, documented and proven.
    7. Low personal production requirement. Something equal for customers and business builders that is not a struggle for anyone. Ever.
    8. Low entry fee. You need something that is easily duplicatable.
    9. Low Attrition. You need something where everyone can stay on the board.
    10. Timing. A lot of people think you need to get in on the ground floor of something. The ground floor is the worst floor. You need something that lasts a lifetime, that gets better with age.
    11. No break aways, take aways, binary plans, etc. Most people cannot handle break aways. You need something where you never get penalized for bringing someone in better than you. No binary plans either… They are the new breakaway.
    12. No risk. The average person cannot do risky stuff. You need something where every single dollar is fully refundable and no body could ever get hurt or stuck.

    Ask yourself: Which one of these would you be willing to take off the page and still put 100% of your time, effort and reputation into?

    I love your attitude and enthusiasm, Andrew… And your interaction on the site. It’s great to be able to talk openly with leaders. I promise you this, you haven’t seen the company or weren’t presented to through the right eyes, especially not mine!

    1. Great response Alexander.

      Melaleuca sure has some things working for it. For me the biggest issue is that Melaleuca has so much exposure in the marketplace. I’m a stickler for timing. I talk about my ideas on this in my Leaders Only training and the 7 Myths – which is older training, but still just as valid today as when I recorded it with Marie Torres.

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