making your blog stand out from the crowd

Most Businesses Have a Blog – But What Principles Can Help Yours Stand Out?

Running a business blog is a worthwhile use of your time, because it can help you connect with your audience and inspire organic traffic to your website. But many businesses think that business blogs are a simple and effective means of drumming up interest, without really putting in the effort required to make this renewed platform work.

How to make your blog stand out from the crowd.

The moment businesses learn of search engine optimization (SEO), and that some businesses use blogs to raise their backlink authority, it’s easy for them to focus on the easiest solutions like keyword-stuffing and reposting basic content. But the truth is that Google will actively penalize your business for taking that kind of approach, and so the sincere, properly-focused effort is always something worth considering.

A good way to plan this project, as you would with any project, is to consider the essential golden rules and principles that can help format your approach. Never fear, because in this post, we’re going to provide some worthwhile suggestions you could use. With that in mind, please consider the following advice:

Consider Making Your Authors Known

It’s good to humanize your blog. For instance, it might be that you have a restaurant. Your blog could be written by a sous chef or a ‘cheese expert’ on the team, giving them space to write about anything they wish to present to their guests. Or, you might put out public announcements regarding the festive events you’ll be attending. When authors have their own column representing your business, all of a sudden it’s not just the corporate arm of your marketing team speaking, but the people who work there, remaining willing and able to offer the best advice going forward.

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Use Your Blog To Discuss Industry News & Topics

News are a great way to offer up-to-date information that people actually wish to see, as opposed to general guides or beginner information they know already. Let’s say that some new technology is making waves in your industry, or perhaps an essential measure changing the scope of your own business has started to take place. Perhaps new regulation is starting to shift everything as you know it. Could it be that using your blog to discuss industry news and topics is the best way forward? But don’t just explain what’s happening – give your take on it, discuss its implications, and make announcements. Give the perspective only you can bring. You will be sure to generate organic traffic.

Make Sure Your Website Is Primed For A Blog

A blog can seem simple enough to set up. After all, it’s just posts with text and images, and perhaps some embedded media. But if your website isn’t properly designed for a blog, it can suffer. This is why it’s important to use a service like Red Spot Design, able to construct your website alongside the most cutting-edge means, primed for promotional value. Here they can ensure your blog section is set up with excellent archives, easy search bars, an appropriate tagging system, and author profiles. This way, the presentation is thoroughly curated and will be sure to deter no one.

With this advice, you’re sure to cultivate your blog to not only aid your firm, but to represent the best of it.

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